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Small Cap Research

Small details are compelling, and small Companies are is always interesting! Old fashioned overlooked stocks are a special favorite ! ! These Companies are Small and they require strong, detailed research. First step is to assess and monitor a large "Watch Pool" from which ultimate selections will be made when buying conditions are favorable. For a specified "investment strata' Dan can sift through the details to create a list of "viable Investment Candidates". Buy now, enjoy the rewards later :-)

Mid Cap Research

Overlooked stocks are a favorite! These Companies are making money, maybe had a bad run in the press and their share price has tanked. Requiring strong attention to research detail, selected Companies can/will outperform the market on the smallest good news. Dan can sift through the information in a target Industry/Strata to generate a pool "Investment Candidates". Buy now, be patient and enjoy the rewards later :-)

Fin Tech

Dan's Print Industry background affords a unique insight into client communication, in print or online. My skills include the ability to create web sites (this one included). Starting April 2016 I am doing a courses on how to write rudimentary iOS 9 Apps, an HTML5 + CSS3 course as well as another titled "The Complete Web Developer". The Financial Services will only become more entwined with the web and I hope having a basic understanding of the workings will create opportunities in the future.
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Dan the Man

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