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Small Cap Research

Small details are compelling, and small Companies are is always interesting! Old fashioned overlooked stocks are a special favorite ! ! These Companies are Small and they require strong, detailed research. First step is to assess and monitor a large "Watch Pool" from which ultimate selections will be made when buying conditions are favorable. For a specified "investment strata' Dan can sift through the details to create a list of "viable Investment Candidates". Buy now, enjoy the rewards later :-)

Mid Cap Research

Overlooked stocks are a favorite! These Companies are making money, maybe had a bad run in the press and their share price has tanked. Requiring strong attention to research detail, selected Companies can/will outperform the market on the smallest good news. Dan can sift through the information in a target Industry/Strata to generate a pool "Investment Candidates". Buy now, be patient and enjoy the rewards later :-)

Fin Tech

Whilst not actually writing the code, Dan’s basic understanding of JAVA, HTML and more recently PYTHON and even iOS App development enables him to help refine and ‘translate ideas into action. From ‘tuning a Robo-Advisor’s Online Risk Self-Assessment for a Customers to refining Product Selection or tinkering with a Trading Algorithm Dan can help refine a clear path to achieve results. Financial Services will only become more entwined with the web and I hope my basic understanding of the workings will create opportunities in the future.
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Dan the Man

Dan the Man

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